Tuesday, December 02, 2008

November in Photos.

vent pipe on the side of our house

foggy at noon (note how low in the sky the sun is at noon. we are pretty dang far north.)

fog glazed everything

more foggy glaze

the park

more of the park, 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Days are really getting short.

tess buried_0093_edited-1
my favorite store. and some really gorgeous mountains.

2008 11 11_0387
the dogs playing on the deck.


  1. I'll say again - brrrr! Those mountains are really some serious mountains, aren't they? Wow.

  2. You have the winter season I love/hate. There is such beauty with winter, but dang it's cold!

    Love the Costco shot with the beautiful mountains in the background. Man and nature residing together. hummm

  3. The one cool thing about living so far north is that the whole country around you becomes one big photo studio during the day - everything is sidelit!!!

  4. Sorry I've been gone so long! Those photos are BEAUTIFUL!

  5. gorgeous photos. I love looking at winter. :)

  6. I so enjoy your pictures Julie, too bad you have such poor internet, but this obviously was a good day!
    I don't think I could live there,it's much too cold for me, but how beautiful!!
    There's something I want to ask you, what's the difference between a deck and a patio? I looked it up and as far as I could understand I thought a deck was made out of wood, and a patio was not, but yours is not wooden, or is it?
    Oh my, those subtle differences in a strange language!

  7. Love all your pics! The mountains remind me of living in Salt Lake City. Beautiful, especially with the snow on top.
    Mo & Abe are really enjoying themselves. I'm sure Sam would like it, but Mr. T would probably hide under the blankets until the Spring thaw.

  8. I just love these shots. The last one of the dogs playing is awesome :)

    That fog looks incredibly thick. I find it difficult adjusting to the fewer hours of sunlight. I can't believe the sun is so low at NOON!


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