Monday, December 01, 2008

Wave on the rooftop

snowy morning_2239

We have snow. More than a foot so far. This is like Minnesota when I was a kid, where one winter there was so much snow we could sit on the top of the clothesline poles and climb up onto the porch roof without a ladder...

It's not very the teens and twenties lately. Which I realize may be cold to some of you, but I spent many winters in Minnesota, including four in Northern Minnesota, where we would have wind chills well below zero. Twenty and no wind is not cold at all compared to that...


  1. It's gonna get deeper. And it's gonna get colder - but now that i think about it, i'm not so sure that Anchorage winters are relatively moderate compared to most of the rest of Alaska - due to coastal proximity and ocean currents.

  2. I'm Southern California Born & Bread!!!

    What is this snow you speak of?

  3. Just brrrr. Winter much? Please have some hot chocolate by the fire or something to warm me up after that. :)

  4. Hot chocolate and fire. Two things you rarely get to enjoy in Arizona.

    Two more reasons I am liking living in Alaska.

  5. I am pleased that you are enjoying the snow.. I had been worrying(only a little bit)..

    That is a lot of snow..and it is a really nice wave, I like the curve.
    We get snow here where I live. but only an inch or two, a few times in winter.and that is because I live in the hills. The snow that we get is an exception rather than the norm.

    I met some Canadian tourists once that found it unbelievable that a couple of inches of snow in Tassie could close a major highway and virtually shut down the city..

    xxx Kim

  6. We had drifted snow like that in the panhandle on ocassion, not often. I love it.

    I'll keep my jacket only 50 degrees for a bit longer. :)

    Stay warm.

  7. I'm jealous! Where's my snow? I've heard from many long-time MN's that they got much more snow when they were kids here. Remember Halloween of '91? Yeah, I wasn't here, but have heard that story a million times.


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