Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm still here!

I am just adjusting to the changes in lifestyle I have instituted lately. I am still (starting my third week! A couple more days and it will officially be a habit...) tracking everything I eat, keeping my daily total calories below 1,700 for the most part (I accidentally first typed 17,000 calories. That would be a really really easy diet...) and using the elliptical trainer almost every day. For an hour.

Lucky for me Thor hooked up his portable DVD player to the TV in the garage, so I can watch DVDs while I kill myself...Today I watched Hairspray! while I ellipticalled away. It was great. There is so much music and so much music with a fast tempo it helped me go faster.

The first time I saw that movie, during the scene between Christopher Walken and John Travolta as the Dad and Mom (Travolta plays a hefty woman in the movie, plays her really well in fact) I was distracted by the thought that "oh, man, they are not really going to kiss, are they? " I am very open-minded but that is a step too far even for me, I think. If you haven't seen it, I won't tell you if they do or not...

Anyway. Keeping track of everything (absolutely everything. Every bit of margarine on my toast, every tiny little Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Mini, even the creamer in my coffee.) and using the elliptical and cleaning out the closets (I started spring cleaning early this year, I guess) is using up alot of my energy. To the point where even looking at a blank "create post" page is too much work, never mind filling it up...

But Mark will be back from his latest trip to far off countries today, so life will be back to more or less normal (and I can sleep a little later in the mornings, since Mark gets up with Thor, who has to catch the school bus at 6:30 am. I know. It's crazy.) so I will be back to trying to post something, at least my daily Alaska photo, every day. You lucky lucky people.

(Plus I really need to catch up on your blogs. I have been neglecting them shockingly lately. I am all apologies.)

Terri tagged me for this meme. Fifth folder, fifth photo. For some reason my fifth folder only has one photo in it -- my digital photos are horrifyingly unorganized, chaotic like the rest of me, but it's one I really like. It's me and Mojo, the day we brought him home. Valentine's day, 2005. I think it was 2005. Pretty sure it was 2005. This was Mojo back then, back when he had been starved and neglected. He weighs about 20 pounds more these days, and is very secure in our home. He's such a good dog.
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I need to get to the airport now, so I will hopefully be back in a couple hours to post my Daily Alaska!

The Daily Alaska...Thor and I were using snow to "clean" the back windows of the Suburban...and since we were standing there with all that grime blank slate...

DIe CaPITaliSt PiG

Yup. It said "DIe CaPITalIsT PIg" for a couple days, until the road grime got too think. Oh, yeah, we are having a heat wave -- it's hovering around freezing -- and so we are dealing with grime and muck and slush and all that wonderful stuff.


  1. I had been wondering where you had been.. I am being very careful with what I eat as well. *sigh* I am slowly losing weight but I still haven't started an exercise programme yet. I actually googled elliptical trainer after reading your previous post.. I just need to get up off my fat bum and walk,walk,walk..

    hehehehe Thor rocks...

  2. Oops(wrong post) the 'Thor rocks' comment was for the shot of him wearing pjs and gumboots lol..


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