Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Daily Alaska

The moon was full, and going over the horizon quickly this morning. I stood on the toilet in my bathroom to take this photo (the only window in that bathroom is a high narrow one that doesn't open -- which is really stupid in a bathroom!) -- that was the best angle for the shot...



  1. Marilyn12:22 AM

    love love love this one

  2. This is stunning! Love the provenance too!

  3. I LOVE this photo!!

  4. I have to get one of your kids to start taking pictures of you taking pictures.

    I think the standing on the toilet, taking a photo out the window would be hysterical.

    I've just realized what a sneaky good Mom you are, though.

    I've see Zach on XBOX Live a few times. I'm sure he never realized you'd have spies even there!!!!

  5. I really love this photo as well. It's mystic! And I agree with Da Ripper. A photo of you standing on the toilet to take a picture out of the window would be a great shot!
    Did Zach take that photo of you at the Vatican?

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