Thursday, February 26, 2009

Daily Alaska -- weird and random edition

It's been filthy here. Grime and road spray and yuck. I would use some snow to clean off the back windows of the Suburban and a mile down the road I couldn't see out of them again. mush_3764_edited-1(The window on the left is the side window, the one on the right is the rear window. Can't see a dang thing through it...)

It's been hard to tell what color some cars are, and also, license plates are unreadable. On the plus side, all the stupid political bumper stickers are not visible. Which is okay with me.


So last Sunday evening on our way home from Costco -- where we got Tess a new pair of Sorel boots, black, which she was very happy with, unlike the gray ski pants we got for her (we truly did not notice the pink lining. Tess HATES pink. She is not at all a girly girl...) but we did not get spinach. Both the commissary and Costco were out of spinach this weekend. Which is awful. I love spinach. I need spinach. Although I was reading a book yesterday which reminded me that I should really be eating a variety of leafy greens, like romaine and arugula, so I want to add those to the spinach, not give up the spinach...back to the point! we stopped at the car wash.

car wash, longer days_3864_edited-1

I took a bunch of photos in the car wash. The best one was this shot of the water being blown around on the windshield.
car wash, longer days_3874_edited-1

Yes, I do take my camera with me most of the time, and I will try to take pictures of just about anything.


  1. Mairlyn7:46 PM

    Jules - the shot through the windshield was great! Love the textures!

  2. Love the carwash photos! That's something I would do - if I ever washed my car. I almost always have my camera with me too and when I don't I'm always kicking myself for not having it.

  3. Love the windshield shot. I hate the grim that goes with the snow too.

  4. That's all that ash in the snow. yuck. Great windshield shot, though. Never realized you guys had car washes in Alaska, though. I always thought you'd do something like ford a stream or something to clean off the old four wheeler.


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