Thursday, April 30, 2009

Too cool...

I logged onto -- a very cool website that lets you catalog all your books, really handy when you have upwards of 2,000!!! -- and discovered a really great message was waiting for me...

Yesterday I logged on and noticed that the Early Reviewers list was about to close. Early Reviewers is a program through -- you sign up and request a preview copy of books from various publishers. It's free, and there are usually a couple dozen books available with hundreds of people signing up for each one.

So today, I get the message that I have been chosen to receive a copy of This Will Kill You: A Guide to the Ways in Which We Go.

Here is the Amazon listing for this book... Product Description (ISBN 0312540620, Paperback)

Have you been attacked by a great white shark? Gone over Niagara Falls in a barrel? Been exposed to anthrax? No, you haven't, or you'd be dead. This Will Kill You reveals the intriguing facts behind the many ways humans bite the dust in encounters with deadly bugs, hungry predators, natural disasters, and freak occurrences. Thoroughly researched and illustrated, not to mention thoroughly hilarious, this book describes in deathly detail what happens to the body when it’s struck by lightning, slimed by a dart frog, or flung from a mountaintop.

No other book has ever peaked under the Grim Reaper's robe in such a straightforward and irreverent way. With a foreword by a physician at the Mayo Clinic , an afterword by a funeral director, lists of history’s most notable deaths, and a unique death rating system, everything you need to know about the ways in which we go are included in these pages.

This is great, because this is the book I would most have liked to receive. The one book on the list that I actually thought to look for. Yeah, I am a little weird and gory at times. I have a small collection of books on death and plagues and cholera and the Black Plague (and I just ordered a couple more plague books. I don't know why I am so interested in this stuff. I just am.)

So I will write up a review and post it here (and on once I have read it...


  1. I look forward to reading it - your review, that is.

  2. I like those kind of things in small doses. I'll enjoy reading your review.

  3. Yaay for free books! And we get the review, that's great too!

  4. Wow, that sounds really cool!

  5. Hi Julie! I've got SPRING fever. Spending to much time out in the garden and not much time left to read right now. When are you coming down for a visit???

  6. I almost forgot to mention I've got an award for you on my blog! It's here:

    It's because you were one of my first friends in this blogosphere. Hugs xx

  7. Hallllooooo! echo echo echo. Is this thing On? Are you okay? Have you unfrozen yet? Have you gotten used to 15 hours of daylight yet? Hello???

  8. Um, Joools?

    "I have a small collection of books on death and plagues and cholera and the Black Plague..."

    Which is precisely why yer presence is missed.

    So, what's the story, here, lady?

    Permanent departure or just taking a break?


  9. I finally contacted Jules. Really, on the phone. She's alive and well and was hiding out in Minnesota. She should be back home in Alaska by now... and getting back on her blog, where she belongs!!! Just kidding...
    Julie, let's see some pics you took in Minnesota!

  10. Missing you --- is everything ok?


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