Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Woo! Spring!

It's in the 50's and sunny. Those last belligerent little piles of snow must surely be gone soon, no?

There have been the first tiny hints of green as well...the houses across the street seem to have a greenish sheen to their lawns. I haven't spotted anything budding yet, though.

Bears have been spotted out and around town, so they are leaving their dens.

Our day is now sixteen hours long -- sunrise at 6 ish and sunset at 10 pm ish, according to NPR. It's very weird, the days get longer by five minutes a day, so seems like we went from hardly any day at all to almost all daylight.

The mountains are still snow-capped. Maybe not as snowy and magnificent as they were earlier this year, but still pretty dang awesome looking.


  1. Maybe you could send some of the 'Spring' our way? Because Mom Nature seems to have lost it, around here anyway.


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