Friday, April 17, 2009

I know. I am a terrible person.

Ignoring all of you for weeks.

No reason, really, other than just so not having the energy to go online and read and comment and write.

And I have had things to write about...

Lets see...Finally the snow is MELTING!!! The last snowfall was Easter Sunday night, and it vanished within two days! YAY!

Although at the time, it was disheartening to walk out Monday morning to this:

Easter Snow._4507_edited-1

Did you notice that my Suburban is standing in the driveway? I used to have a warm heated garage stall for it, but that was before this...

ashfall, new car

ashfall, new car

ashfall, new car

That's Mark's old Jeep in the top photo and his our new Honda Civic behind it, and Mark driving the new Civic home for the first time, and a shot of our car (and some snow mixed with ash. Because we did get that one time of ash falling on us, our teeny brush with Mount Redoubt.).

Completely juvenile moment...the newsreader on BBCAmerica news just called Captain Phillips (the guy who was held by the Somali pirates) the world's most famous seaman.

Say it out loud to yourself. See? Juvenile. I told you.

Also...We went to Spamalot last night. It was awesome. It was full of Monty Python humor (I fart in your general direction.) and John O'Hurley played King Arthur. Great sets, great songs, great actors, the whole thing was fun from beginning to end. I have a couple photos of Thor and Tess waiting for it to begin in my phone, now I just have to figure out how to get them into the computer. I may never manage that feat, as it would most likely involve me actually reading the damn book that came with my new phone...

Oh, yeah, more awesomeness...

ashfall, new car
This is the new Civic's radio. See what it says? That's right, it says IPOD! One of the awesomest things about having a vehicle built this century is that it comes with a built in IPod connection. A BUILT IN IPOD CONNECTION. My Suburban is so old even the cassette thingies -- the ones you plug into your IPod and then you can play it through your car stereo -- those thingies don't work in it.

ashfall, new car
But now, I plug my IPod directly into the USB hub in the armrest. So very cool.

Unfortunately for me, I drag the dogs with me a lot, because they LOVE going for a ride. They are psychodogs if you say go or ride or put on socks. (I must put on socks alot before I go places, because they get crazed when I do. Of course I put on socks alot just before I go somewhere, because I don't much wear socks or shoes at home. Hereditary hot feet.)

I gotta go get Tess. So there you go. I posted something!


  1. Marilyn7:19 PM

    Good job Jules!! Now repeat tomorrow, but with different words. Poor Zachie is wondering if you've been kidnapped, or if you just don't love him anymore.

  2. My god. The day long ago prophesied has finally arrived. She has returned to us, bearing gifts of mental-mana and wine. And Auntie Marilyn is right. :( My life is just empty without this blog.

  3. Welcome back Jules!
    So good to hear from you again. Don't wait so long next time... Everyone missed you. Of course it's been even longer since I last blogged, but nobody noticed.
    Anyway, the daylight time must be getting longer up North and that should help brighten your life. Can't wait to see more pics!
    Love ya :)

  4. Glad to see you back. The ipod in the car is really cool. My dog gets excited when I put a sweatshirt because he thinks he is getting walked. Dogs are too funny.

  5. Welcome back!! I was wondering what happened to you. Congrats on the new car!!


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