Friday, March 27, 2009

Random Facts Courtesy of Thor...

Thor occasionally tells us things that no one would know, or would realize they ever needed to know...

To cover the earth in a living blanket would take 255 x 10 to the 14th power squirrels!

(That's 25.5 quadrillion squirrels.)

Assuming squirrels float, of course.


  1. Marilyn9:02 AM

    Remind me not to play Trivial Pursuit with Thor unless I want my ego smashed, the way it is when the entire family takes on James and loses badly. A team of James and Thor would be completely unbeatable!!

  2. I love Thor ---

    From Marily's comment I think every family must have a Thor, mine is named Carrie. Even her husband had began to complain because she always seems to know random facts that we have no idea how she would know. We now blame it on her being a librarian and having access to all those books -- and I think she has read them all.

  3. Of course squirrels float.

    Unless you tie a weight to them.

    Not that I would know, or anything.

    Thor will either win many bets or get in lots of bar fights.

  4. I am assuming that a quadrillion is slighly less than a gazillion.. *skips away*

  5. I gave you some love on my blog!

  6. I have a few squirrels he can start with - like the ones who broke the bird feeder today and chewed into the gallon container of bird seed yesterday. Would you like that gift wrapped?

  7. Actually, you'd have to fit them with little squirrel life jackets, because once their tails get waterlogged, down they go. Or you could give them snorkels.

  8. I have this picture in my head of all these soggy squirrels with little snorkels on.

    If I giggle any harder I might be in trouble!

  9. That sounds like a lot!
    LOL at the comments!

  10. i wonder how many turkeys it would take?

  11. Does anyone else resent my mother's new found blog-truancy? I am a poor under-stimulated college student and my ravenous brain demands entertainment. Let's go mom. Entertain.

  12. Anonymous2:13 AM

    Right on Zach! Julie what's happenin way up North.

    Sorry about being anonymous, just lost my password and my username...

    Vickie was here ;o)

  13. Hello Julie.. I have just nipped over to have an hello and wish you a Happy Easter.. I have been a bit busy lately trying to track down these blasted zombies Gah..

    @Zach I am missing your Mother as well.

    Someone commented and told me that Jesus is a zombie.. Now I have a moral dilemma. At the family gathering tomorrow do I slip that tidbit into the conversation and watch my "christian zealot" Uncle's head explode or do I keep quiet??? mmmm decisions decisions...

    cheers kim (((hugs))))

  14. Hey!!!!! Are you okay?

  15. Jules, I MISS YOU! What's happening in your world? Did all the snow finally get to you? We saw Zach on Easter morning. Had brunch together after church and he was recruited to help take down the chairs and tables afterwards. He sent me some really good pictures taken when Mark was in town. Did you see them??? Did I mention that I MISS YOU!


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