Thursday, March 26, 2009

No Volcano problems for us...yet.

Mount Redoubt erupted, six times so far, throwing ash 9 miles into the air.

But the winds up there are blowing away from Anchorage and the MatSu valley (that's where Wasilla is), so mostly the ash is falling on uninhabited area. There's a lot of that in Alaska.

However, we still have a chance to have fun dealing with the ash. Trace amounts of ash have been detected in Anchorage. And last time Redoubt blew, it was active for five months (I think.). So if the winds shift and it erupts again we could be dealing with the fallout. Woo.

Tess is very disappointed -- she was really looking forward to days off from school (I should point out to her that those days will be added to the end of the school year...I don't think she would be so thrilled to miss school then.).

Personally, eh. We just replaced the water pump and oil lines on the Suburban, so I am perfectly happy to not have volcanic ash sucked into the engine. My only real concern at this point is that it not mess up my plans to fly to Minnesota in May for a family reunion.

Other than that...spring has not sprung yet. We had a dusting of snow last night, it's in the 20's and all the snow that got slushy over the past couple of days when it was warmer is now frozen and thus the roads are really rough with small slippery patches.

CNN just said Redoubt erupted again, sending ash 13 miles into the sky. I guess we have to start watching for ashfall alerts. That's a new one for us...


  1. I just sw that its erupting on CNN and ran over here to check on you. Timely post!
    Where in MN will you be??
    Stay safe!

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  3. If you tie pantyhose over the air intake of the engine it may help to minimize the amount of ash that gets into the system. Ash is really, really, nasty stuff. You don't want it in your lungs and you don't want it in your car.

    Take good care, sweetheart.

    Sorry about the deleted comment - there was a typo in the first one.

  4. I heard about the eruptions and thought of you too! Good luck with it all. Lots of people thinking of you all up there! xoxo

  5. Goodness, I have absolutely not experience or advice about volcano eruptions. I hope you guys are safe and have no fall-out problems.

  6. I knew because I read it in the paper.
    Take care my friend!

  7. Hope the winds stay away from you.

  8. Wow, life in Alaska - I'd never in a million years have figured volcanoes for an issue up there?! Just found your blog from Michelle's - can't wait to read more...


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