Sunday, May 31, 2009

I am around...

But very busy lately.

My computer has crashed, as well, which means I have to use Thor's to go online. Except Thor is home for the summer, so I have to compete with him for it. I don't always win...

Part of the reason I am so busy lately is that I am suddenly a "senior lady" and a "senior adviser"...that's what happens when your husband is the deputy commander of a brigade. Now I have new responsibilities and new meetings and social things to go to, which is great. I don't mind that part at all.

It might be a little weird for some of the spouses in our brigade, though, since I am so not the stereotypical LTC's wife, at least according to some enlisted spouses. I regularly hear how I am not at all like an officer's wife...

I am working on getting my photos -- which are on my external hard drive, not the crashed computer, thank goodness -- available for posting again, and I have a thousand digital copies of slides my father took, which means I can eventually, once I get this all straightened out, post photos of myself as a small and adorable child. Oh yeah, and my siblings, too. Not that they are or were as adorable as me.


  1. Congrats on your new position.

  2. I don't know mom Marilyn was pretty adorable.

  3. I've just started getting stuff from our FRG list. What a world I've entered!

  4. Well, it's nice to know you were having computer problems and didn't just drop off the face of the earth. I've missed you wit. And I'm sure you are NOT the stereotype officers wife, and that might be a good thing. Shake 'em up Julie, shake 'em up!


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