Friday, June 05, 2009


This whole senior advisor/senior spouse thing is still sorta freaking me out. Next week we will be having the entire brigade over for burgers and brats -- fortunately the entire brigade consists of about two dozen people so far. Whew.

But now I have to call a sergeant and tell him what I need from the unit for the BBQ. Weird. Like "Sergeant, I need some tables and chairs, and the Commander (woo. That's Mark. Again, weird.) will be tasking the various sections with bringing drinks and salads and stuff." Cannot begin to explain how strange this all is.

And to see Mark as the Commander. He was talking to a young soldier, and the soldier seemed kinda nervous. Yeah, because my husband is the big cheese. Hard to wrap my head around that one.

In other news, we are approaching the big race. Miles and miles and 70-some hours of sitting in a voyager canoe (a long canoe that can seat about a dozen people). I am not racing. Mark is, with seven friends, co-workers and complete strangers. It's the Yukon River Quest, if you want to google it. I have some photos of us in the canoe, still though trapped in the camera, since my computer is down. Still. With the blue error screen of severe annoyance.

(insert random and colorful swearing here. As spicy or tame as you would like. I am not fussy.)

This weekend they are doing more canoeing practice, so I will this time get a photograph of them in the canoe, from shore rather than from a middle seat. I really love canoeing, but sitting in a canoe for hours and hours and alll day and night and day and night and day and ....not for me.

Alrighty. Cannot sit here all afternoon. I must attempt to fetch a mower from self-help -- the Army hands out mowers and shovels and rakes and hoses and grass seed and various and sundry such items to those who live in government quarters -- our grass is getting ridiculously long. Except for the backyard, which suffered greatly under our dogs less than benevolent attentions over the winter.

Then I have to continue to clean and plan and obsess over this dumb brigade BBQ (it's really hard to remember to say Brigade instead of Battalion. Flailing around as the senior spouse, that's me...).

Plus the Army Birthday Ball is tonight, so I have various primping and preening and...let's just stop right there. I am wearing a dress, so all you ladies reading this know what I will be doing for the next several hours, and you gentlemen reading don't really want to know. Right? Right.

Hey! Two posts in less than a month? I am on fire!


  1. I understand what you mean about feeling strange. I was introduced as an artist the other day and i had to stop myself from looking over my shoulder for the real artist.

    The canoe race sounds like fun but I am with you on the whole sitting in a canoe for hours and hours and...

    by the time you read this the Birthday Ball thingy will be over and done with. I hope that you had a great time and all the preparation was worth it xox

  2. Commander's wife --- when you married a lifer did you ever expect this even in your wildest dreams?

    I hope you can release the pictures for the camera soon so I can see what a canoe race looks like --- and I'm right there with you. Not sure sitting all day in a canoe is for me. Although it there was a computer screen in front of me I would probably be alright.

    Enjoy all life is throwing at you right now. And thanks for not going into details about all the prep work necessary for wearing that dress to the Army Birthday Party. Pictures of that would be nice also. :) I'm a very visual person.

  3. LOL aty Kim's comment. I think I'm just like her!

    And um ... yes, I'm a visual person too, some pictural evidence would be nice, or is that camera down too? You promised us some pictures not so long ago?

  4. I just know you were the Belle of the Ball. I would offer to help with your computer problems - but Alaska is one looooong trip from here. So i will be happy yo offer advice - if, in fact, it could be beneficial.

  5. Hello. (echo echo echo)

  6. whoa!!! What's keeping you away frm the blogosphere? Are you okay?


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