Friday, August 28, 2009

Playing with Photoshop

I love playing with Photoshop. Last night I was practicing removing stuff from photos. I have a snapshot of a cemetery in Wisconsin. It's not a great shot, the light levels are wrong, the colors are muted, and there is a plant stand, a rope and a road that detract from the image. So I removed the offenders, punched up the colors, and adjusted the levels and contrast. I also tried out the image in black and white.

And then I made them into a movie, to show how the photograph morphed. I haven't done these movies before, but it was really fun. I just wish I could remember what program I used...I really need to start taking notes on some of this stuff I do.

I am having a really good time with my reliable and big-memoried new computer!

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  1. OOOH Two posts in two days Yay.I liked watching that. I need to open my photoshop program and start to work out how to use it. Thanks Julie you have made me think about photographs twice in two days now. I might have to go and wipe the dust off my camera.
    xo Kim

    ps your new comment thingy wont let me comment with an open url it makes me link to google.


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