Thursday, August 27, 2009

Daily Alaska!

flying bucket

There is a lake next to the airport here, Lake Hood. Float planes take off and land here, and the lake is surrounded by docks where the planes are tied up. It's one of the things we do with visitors from out of state. There are so many places in Alaska that are accessible only by boat or plane that there are lots and lots of private planes buzzing around all the time.

I got a new computer! Because the old one sucked. It just was so unreliable, I couldn't take it. I am trying to get all our photos organized and sorted, a job made slightly more difficult because I really stupidly accidentally told Photoshop Elements to catalogue all the images on my external hard drive...all 100,000 of them. There is a scrapbook program on there and a bunch of games. Each with dozens of images. Plus several backups of our photos, so that there are two or three or eight copies of a bunch of photos.

I am so sick of dealing with it, and still have another 50,000 images to delete, and another 30,000 to organize. I cannot believe we have that many photos, but I love taking photos. Dozens of photos...


  1. I'm glad to see you back online. I've missed the saga of Alaska and the beauty shown in your photography. Good luck with the organization task --- it sounds very daunting!

  2. Welcome back Julie! Missed you too. Looking forward to see some of your pictures now and again. Good luck with organizing, that's a real time sucker, I know. Taking 500 pictures in one day is nothing for me, getting them organized and edit them, well ... that's something else!!!

  3. smiles and waves hello..

  4. I just got done recovering an external hard drive for a friend of mine. She had 102,000 jpegs on that drive - and no backup. She will have now though.

    So nice to see you back.

    And you front. *snicker*

  5. Patsy -- thanks. I am ignoring it today in favor of vacuuming and cleaning the family room. That's how daunting a task it is -- I would rather do housework than play on the computer!

    Jientje -- I have decided that I have to figure out an organization system and USE IT EVERY TIME I download photos. Because my photos -- real and digital -- are such a huge mess. And I know I am not going to stop taking photos...

    frog ponds -- hi!

    Lou -- my son just got a new external hard drive, so I am inheriting his old perfectly good one. Which will become the one attached to the computer, and my current hard drive will become our back up back up. We will hook it up and back up everything. I don't want to lose everything. Oh, yeah. It's good to be back. And front.


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