Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Farm

side of barn

When I was a kid we would go visit my uncle on the farm. The farm where my Mom and her brother grew up. Every kid should be lucky enough to spend some time on a farm. Farms are awesome. Farms are fun. Farms are dangerous, but we were very lucky kids. There was more than one occasion when one or another of us kids could have been badly injured or killed, but we all survived with all limbs, teeth, and eyes intact.

(Brains, I dunno. There were sometimes some marijuana plants growing on the farm, but a really weak strain. I don't know how much of a high was possible...but I am certain one or another of us tried it out anyway...)

My grandfather built the house and the barn and the outbuildings, I think in the late 1800's. The house and barn are still standing, the barn roof is amazingly straight -- no sag at all. Pretty impressive, I think.

the farm

This is a great house -- lots of gorgeous woodwork. No one from my family lives there now, but this summer we drove by and it looks pretty good around there. Weird too, since the land has been flattened -- there used to be a small hill behind the house. And some of the buildings are gone. No more chicken coop, no cows, no pig sty. Honestly, though, I don't miss the chickens. I hate chickens. Vile yet delicious creatures that they are. Smelly and stinky and mean. But tasty.

I can't post two days in a row without a photograph of Alaska, so...

The Daily Alaska:

the Little Susitna Creek
The Little Susitna River, in Hatcher's Pass.


  1. Chickens smell terrible, I agree!I have spent month of my life on my grandparents' little farm, I had so much fun there, but there was no weed, other than the kind of weed you'd expect there! LOL! I love the picture of the river. And I'm so glad you're back!

  2. Just dropping by… one of my Twitter follows linked to you because the post has the word "chicken" in it & the blog title intrigued me.

    I have to agree with you about chickens. Evil, filthy, disgusting creatures. I live far too close to my in-laws & their four chicken houses, and Mrs. Fetched is ruining her health and pretty much everything else keeping them up.

    Our renters have a kid in the Army, he's in Alaska right now after a tour in Iraq (another desert-Arctic transfer!) although he grew up here on Planet Georgia.

    Anyway, I wonder if your "weed" there on the farm was just hemp. It's a pretty useful plant, and it might have been a cash crop for your grandparents back when.


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