Wednesday, August 27, 2008

You cannot be sarcastic about being sarcastic.

You can't. Because being sarcastic about being sarcastic would mean you are not sarcastic. Except that you were just being sarcastic. So therefore you are sarcastic. But you just said you were not sarcastic, but you said it sarcastically. Which means you are sarcastic...

You cannot be sarcastic about being sarcastic.

These are the kind of conversations you have when you name your kid Thor and encourage his weirdness.


  1. and what drugs did they give you on your trip to the hospital? :)

  2. That is SOME kind of weird conversation!!

  3. Were you being sarcastic? Or was Thor being sarcastic? Was it well placed sarcasm or just accidental sarcasm?
    Or was it just plain old narkiness?

    mmmm... the mind boggles.

  4. Actually, Donna, they gave me boring drugs -- an anti-inflammatory for my intestines and Prilosec -- and they said no alcohol. I don't drink a lot, but I like a glass of wine or beer sometimes with dinner. And it's good for your cholesterol. But not for me.

    Thor is good at the sarcasm. We are all good at sarcasm. And Thor and Tess have been discussing conundrums lately, so a sarcastic conundrum seems inevitable.


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