Friday, August 29, 2008

Our house

This photo was taken the day we arrived in Anchorage and on Fort Richardson.

Notice the sunshine? Yeah. That's a big fat lie, that sun. We have had so little sun -- most of July was cloudy. Horrifyingly cloudy.

August has been better. This afternoon we have lots of bright and almost hot sunshine. We took the dogs for a walk, and found some great lichen, along with lots of moose poop, which I will be going to photograph tomorrow (the lichen, not the poop. Or maybe the poop too. But mostly the lichen.) . I guess the moose like the lichen or the young trees or something.

I got my Alaska driver's license today, which was a fun exercise in our Patriot Act. But that's another post.

And the governor of Alaska is now McCain's pick for Vice President. Which is very strange to me, since she has so little experience in governing, and no foreign experience, and really not much to suggest to me that she is ready to be president of the US.

Even though a Republican on TV this morning was listing all the Palin's experience and included her stint as PTA president. I'm sorry. Palin has so little experience at governance that the Republicans are having to dig way way waaaaaay deep to come up with enough stuff.

I was PTA vice president. I can tell you it did not in any way prepare me to be one heart beat away from running the US.


  1. Are you kidding me? I'd vote for you for president any day!!! ;)

  2. I second Tasina's remark. You? I'd vote for. Some other PTA president from Alaska? Erm, hell no. What was he thinking??

  3. I'll vote for you too, does that count?

  4. Well, thank you.

    I guess I need to start drafting my acceptance speech!

  5. Here. Here! I'd vote for you too :)
    What a beautiful house! I've never seen a moose. I drove through New Hampshire hoping to see one last year but never did :(


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