Sunday, May 11, 2008

Weekly Winners!

Weekly Winners is the fevered brainchild of Lotus. More winners can be found HERE! ! !

I am aware that Sunday is actually over for many of you, since I am on Arizona time -- since we don't do daylight savings (yay! I love that!) currently we are the same as the Pacific Time zone.

But it's been crazycrazy lately. We spent hours at Ikea in Phoenix yesterday, getting stuff for Zachary's house this fall, when he moves in with a couple roommates and starts at the University. He got some great stuff, some dishes, some linens, a desk chair. He's pretty ready, stuff-wise. Photos of the best stuff will come later...

Today we went to church, the youth (and some adults) had a water battle after the second service. I took this picture of Tess' new shoe:

Kinda cool shot, but not as fabulous as I would like. So of course I started playing with my Photoshop CS3 (only 7 days left on my free trial. Sob.)

Driving home, we saw an enormous dust devil. Huge. The dust rose way up into the sky, higher than the high tension power lines nearby.

Here's a closer up shot of the base of the dust devil. I have seen small dust devils around here before, and heard about the huge ones, but this is the first time we have seen of the really big ones.

Here's my dog photo of the week:

And a truly terrible photo of Thor:

And a much cuter photo of Thor, because I feel horrible about posting the terrible one (I did get his permission...):


  1. Great photos this week Julie..I like Tess' shoe in all the shots but I think that the 4th one is my favourite..

    cheers kim..

  2. I heard of dust bunnies before, but dust devils? What are they?

  3. Nice job with photoshop, I like the 2nd version the best!

  4. jientje -- dust devils are whirlwinds that pick up dust like a tornado, kind of.

    I think, just to be different (and actually I'd made up my mind before I read the responses), I like the third photoshopped version of Tess' shoe best.

  5. OK. All gr8 fotos - the shoe one is great and love the b/w. I too saw a dust tornado thingy yesterday but didn't have my camera. Lovely, aren't they? Happy mom's day, mom and have a gr8 week. *huggies*

  6. All very cool! I love the whole shoe thing in Photoshop.

  7. I lived in Phx for years and never saw a dust devil. Hm.

  8. OMG! What is a dust devil?!?!?!?!
    Also; you are a clever little...well, devil aren't you?
    I love photoshop.


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