Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I am all about the Photos...


I didn't realize that downloading PioneerWoman's action set for Adobe Photoshop CS3 meant I could hit the little play button and Voila! my photo is transformed. I was working step by step trying to figure things out. Again with the duh...

(I started this post a while ago so if I am repeating myself, sorry. Life is too busy for me to go back through all my posts to see what I have said!)

But actually trying to replicate the actions rather than just voila!ing them has taught me quite a bit about Photoshop CS3. So my moronics in not doing any reading of instructions or help was a boon in this case.

Anyway, here are four photographs I have "viola-ed"...

This is a prickly pear cactus flower. On a bright sunny day. I messed with this one rather a lot.

I really liked this photograph of a rock and a dead tree up on Mount Lemmon before I did the Photoshopping to it. Now I like it even more. This one was really a bit of work -- I made four layers: the tree and rock, and the scrubby midground, the mountain background, and the sky. Then I was able to adjust and improve each separately. I really like the rusty color on the rock in front now. The sky could be a little bluer, maybe, but we don't have those bright blue skies in the middle of the summer.

This is a detail of a detail of the statue at the Vatican Museum. (The original ). I love the way this turned out. I have a thing for statues and gargoyles...

We have a Bird of Paradise in our yard. It's two sticks with some leaves. This is a photograph of our neighbor's beautiful plant. I love the colors and detail, and that black hole. It feels like you could crawl under this plant and find yourself in another place....


  1. You're making me feel guilty. I haven't even d/l the pics from my camera in over a month and you're about to have your own gallery show. *sigh* I need to get back to being you and us.

  2. Hello I have been missing you.. Have you got my new addy????

    I love the bird mmm I wonder If I might have a go at making a bird sculpture.. and 4 layers??? wow. I am the opposite of you (sort of) I dont like to fiddle with my photos at all. probably because I take millions of shots.. but when I do fiddle i like it to be really obvious. Like one of the shots I have up at the moment..(for my 200th post that you haven't seen *sniff*) hope you are ok.. cheers kim xx

  3. I hardly ever photoshop mine, exept when it's really horrible, and I try to save it before deleting it!
    But I do hit the voila button on Picture Manager. Sometimes it's better, sometimes it's even worse and I undo it again!

  4. That last picture of the Lantana is gorgeous! I love the yellow and red flowers together!

  5. Those are gorgeous! I've started playing around a tiny bit with pictures, but I don't get how to do the whole layer thing. I have so much to learn. I'm impressed by what people can do to make their pictures go from pretty darn good to wow. You rock!

  6. After I finally figured out how to get Pioneer Woman's actions into's the *only* thing I know how to do! I think I run the "fresh and colorful" on just about everything.


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