Sunday, May 04, 2008

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Life is slightly crazy. We went to the school musical at Zach's school on Thursday and Saturday -- You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown -- very fun. And in between we went to the Gaslight Theater and saw a spoof of Indiana Jones that was really terrific and made us realize we have been missing something by not going to this theater all the time we have been living in Tucson. Sigh.

Other than that...THOR GOT A WII!!!!!1!!1!1!!!!!

Yes, and he is most excited. He's been wanting a Wii for months and months, and yesterday they happened to have one at Target. I almost didn't get it, until I realized Thor was looking like someone had just run over his dog, set fire to his home, peed in his swimming pool and told him there is no Santa...then we bought it and he carried it clutched to his chest the rest of the time we were at Target. He didn't even realize that he was scratching his arms up from clutching the box so tightly. I don't think he even would have cared if he was scratching his arms up, because he HAS A WII!

I remember when they used to get that excited about a new $5 Batman figure.


  1. Yay I am excited for Thor too....

    Wheeee or should that be wiiiiiiiii..

    cheers kim..

  2. I LOVE the Wii. It's the one game I can beat my kids at. They can't hit ANYTHING I pitch in Wii baseball. Mwa ha ha. Dad RULES!! Thor - you are sssooooo lucky! Good job on the hurt/sympathetic/ruin-my-world look. Wii FOREVER!!

  3. Wow...trip to Target and come home with a very cool. I almost blogged about our trip to Target yesterday...went to get a thank you note and spent $500. It's too easy to do there! We are planning to get the kids a wii for Christmas...suppose I ought to be on the lookout NOW for one.

  4. I want a Wii!!! *has tantrum*

  5. That's so cool! I love that the Wii gets their butts off the couch and actually moving. It does leave them smelling like sweaty boys after awhile, though. Better than their butts spreading on the couch ;D


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