Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Since I know live up against a field, outside of Rockford, in a v quiet subdivision...

The noises around me have changed. Quite a lot.

A plane just flew over and I noticed it, because we just don't hear planes here. We have lived for years on Army Posts, where they have helicopters and cargo planes. On Fort Lewis, WA, our house was across the street from the air field, and McChord Air Base is just down the road, so we got very used to planes and helicopters.

There is highway 20 just over the rise to the east of us, but I really can only hear the traffic early and late.

It's a breezy day, so I can hear the leaves of the tree behind our house rustling. Very soothing and peaceful sound.

And the bugs. I think this is the closest to country living that I have ever been, and I love all the bug and bird noises. Except maybe that really strange noise Thor and I heard last night while hanging out in front of the house.

I am really liking it here. The photo is the view out the back door yesterday morning... So very happy to be back in the upper Midwest! What's not to love?


  1. Let's see ... Sweltering in high heat and humidity, tornadoes, overlapping seasons (you know - it's Winter, then it's Spring for a day, and then it's SUMMER), ANTS, Wasps and HUNDREDS of different species of spider that like to live in your house.

    But, other than that, it's lovely around here. And even lovelier, now that you're here.

  2. Hi Julie *waves* It has been ages since I read your blog. How long have you been here? When did you leave Alaska? How are the kids? *waves again*


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