Tuesday, September 27, 2011


So cranky lately.

Moments of cool, like realizing that the grill blew across the deck yesterday, during our very blustery day.

But mostly.  Shit.

The tiny number of people who have almost all the money in this country is obscene.  Mark and I have worked hard and tried to save money and do the right things, and yet we still have a house in Tucson that we won't be able to sell FOR YEARS.

Are we better off than we were a decade ago?  Hell, no.  This economy sucks.  We should be so very much better off than we are, and sadly, we are in so much better shape than a whole lot of people we know.

I really don't feel bad for the guy who nets $400,000 a year and doesn't want to pay more taxes.  Pay me $400,000 a year and I will be thrilled to pay more taxes on that, because I realize HOW DAMN LUCKY I AM.  Asshole.

Told you.  Cranky.

On the other hand, we watched Terra Nova last night.  Pretty good, not groundbreaking, but fun.  Not thinking about it too hard, because then I will start to notice the holes and the unoriginal writing and characters and stuff...

And Pinterest.  Sucked me in and won't let go.

I haven't started reading the SciFi/fantasy list yet, but I did get Guards Guards by Terry Pratchett on audible.com and started listening to that.  So so so so so so very good.

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  1. I like Terry Pratchett. Good writer. Great imagination.


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