Sunday, March 21, 2010

More Photos...

Sorry I haven't been around. My volunteer life has been extraordinarily stressful as of late -- there is a person making life hellish for many people, and I am trying to help get it resolved. Which involves talking to lots of people, lots of phone calls, lots of trying to figure out just what the hell is going on. On another hand, I have spent a ton of time trying to figure out how to make data look pretty on the computer, which is very much beyond my skills. Unless the data is a photograph, of course! But making info look good in a directory -- I have zero skills in that arena, even after hours of working on it.

But we have had a streak of warm sunny weather (warm being relative, of course. It only has to get a few degrees above freezing to be considered warm around here, although we have had temps as high as 50!!! Just once or twice, but it is working on those gigantic piles of snow! So we should be snow-free by the end of May! Still better than having temps of 107 by the end of May (sorry all my pals in Tucson, but dang. I am not a lizard.)

To the photos!

I know. I have a thing for snow removal equipment. I don't know why.

Zachary (my kid) is standing, my nephew Este is in the chair, and my Dad is in the mirror.

This is the drift hanging from the front of the house since the last big snow.

march 21, 2010
This is that same drift today. It's melting, but since it's on the north side of the house, it hasn't completely melted away yet.

march 21, 2010
See? We have our bits of grass showing too...

march 21, 2010
But it's the exception. This photo was also taken today. We have snow.

march 21, 2010
Mojo today. He is digging the whole laying out on the deck in the sun thing.

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