Monday, July 21, 2008


Yesterday afternoon we had sunshine.

We haven't had sunshine for a couple weeks. There have been occasional cloud breaks, the odd half hour of sunshine, but mostly gloomy.

Gloom and rain.

So yesterday when we had sunshine, we went off to explore Earthquake Park. Earthquake Park is on the Knik Arm, which eventually leads out to the Pacific.

Mostly there are mudflats, which means you can't go out to the edge of the water. The mudflats, and downtown Anchorage.

But if you go to the farthest parking lot, you can walk down to a rocky beach.

We threw rocks in the water, picked up a few interesting rocks for Tess's endless rock collections, and enjoyed the sun on our faces (and in our eyes).

We watched this little guy swimming around in a teeny puddle. (It's only maybe half an inch long. And it's kind of leaping that rock. If you click on the photo, you can see a bigger version and get a better look at that thing.)

One little drawback, sort of. This beach is directly in line with the end of the runway. So every five minutes or so, a plane would come over the bluff. Not exactly peaceful.

But rather interesting to see the planes so closely we could watch the wheels retract and the doors close.

On the way home, within a mile of our house, we saw five moose. (I think they were out enjoying the sun too.) As we crossed Ship Creek, which is maybe a quarter mile from our house, we saw this mom and calf walking down the creek. So of course we pulled over and ran back to check them out and take some photos.

Today we were back to rather gray and gloom, with a few sprinkles.

Worst summer weather ever.


  1. It is snowing here.. brrrrr..
    I had to smile when I saw the plane..No chance of having a relaxing snooze on that beach is there? hehehehe

    I really like the section of tree root that is visible just to the left of the mother moose. Can you send me that photo please? pretty please. There is a sculpture struggling to get from my head into my hands and I think that root could be a part of it..

    It has been very grey down here as well but at least we have winter as an excuse .. I know you dislike the rain so I hope it isn't doing your head in too much..

    cheers kim xxxx

  2. Wow, sunshine! That must be a rare treat. It also must seem a bit odd that your summer clothes there are your winter clothes from Arizona! Keep posting those pictures. I am loving them!

  3. Such gorgeous shots! I'm glad that you at least got some sun. I get a little nutty in Oregon when we don't get sun all (long) winter, but summer here is perfect in every way, so it balances.

  4. How are you doing Julie?
    It's awefully quiet upthere, are you all right? Do you like your new place?
    It really really worries me that you're not posting lately. Is it the internet connection? Are you unhappy there? What's up? I would so much want to see a Weekly Winners from your new place? Please, please please?

  5. Hé Julie?
    Is everything allright?
    I hope you didn't drop off the face of the earth?


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