Monday, June 23, 2008

I'm ba-ack!

We are in Anchorage! We have teh internets! Slower internet, but still. It's the internet!

This is our last view of Arizona -- a beautiful sunset. Nice, especially since we haven't seen a sunset since leaving Washington (not that we saw the sun set in Washington -- we didn't even see the sun in Washington!) because we are so far north it doesn't get dark. Anchorage has 24 hours of daylight in June. It gets darker, but not actually dark. Not dark enough so you couldn't drive your car without headlights. Not dark enough so you can't read your newspaper outside at midnight. And definitely not dark enough so you know it's time to go to bed...(very confusing, especially when you don't have any wall clocks and no evening news to help remind you it's actually night time...

It was a very very very very very long drive. We don't want to do it again. We don't want to do any long drive again for a very long time...

The second day we drove from San Bernadino to Stockton, CA, I think...we drove through endless miles of Joshua Trees, which are fascinating to look at, for a while. Very twisty and bent. I like the Saguaro cactus better, myself.

We stayed in Grant's Pass, Oregon, the next night...getting into the lush and green and obscenely fertile environment. It was overwhelming, it was so green and everything was blooming. Being used to the Sonoran desert, where stuff blooms, but it's just a plant here and there, not masses of flowers everywhere.

The Space Needle, as we are driving through Seattle. (We stayed in Washington, with my sister, for two days. A very necessary break from the Suburban...). Not a great photo, taken as we were zooming along I5 (well, as much as a Suburban with a trailer behind and a canoe on top can actually zoom...) but notice the lovely gray skies? Yeah. That's my least favorite thing about western Washington...I love the Puget Sound region, just not the weather there...

My boys in front of some of that crazy green stuff. It's green here in Anchorage, but not as green and lush and just so dang fertile as it is in the Puget Sound region...

Our first stop in Canada. The dogs did great on the trip. They slept when we were driving, and were happy to get walks every couple of hours. They finally got used to pooping not in their backyard, but not before I began to fear for Abe's intestines. (Neither dog ever pooped on a walk. Never ever. We walked Mojo daily for months, and the only place he ever pooped was his own backyard, and he taught that to Abe.) They were always ready to get back in the back of the Suburban and go for another ride. We had one wall of their cage behind the back seat, their beds covered pretty much the whole back, so I think it felt pretty familiar to them. Plus they were exhausted from the weeks leading up to the move -- all the uproar and visitors and unusually high levels of activity at the house wore them out.

I need to sort out and mess with my photos some more before I post the rest of the trip...I haven't been all that anxious to relive the trip through photos, yet...


  1. Yay for internets! And welcome back.

    Can't wait to hear more.

  2. Oh so glad you made it safely and with beautiful pictures, too!

    The daytime all night and later nighttime all day (that happens, right?) would confuse me.

    I so wish I'd have been smart enough to realize you'd be driving through my part of Oregon because I would have invited you all in for a quick coffee.

    Can't wait to hear about your adventures in Anchorage! Jeez, that's way up there.

  3. Yay Yaay Yay * does a HAPPY Dance*

  4. Welcome back. Missed you. MWAH. (Sorry about the slobbers)

  5. You're home!! Yay!! I've missed reading your blog daily! I so can't wait to hear about all your new adventures in the wilds of Alaska!

  6. Hi Julie,

    Welcome back (although I already said it over at the other place! We all need your special brand of (in)sanity in our worlds. See, now you've got more kids to take care of (screw the dangling participle).

    And of course I posted something while you were gone (and mind you, only 1 thing). I'm a brat like that!!!

  7. Hi Julie!!!! Welcome back, I missed you too, but I only got back from my holliday in France yesterday too! Looking forward to see pictures of your "new life" and new environment over there! Can you see the Northern light too? Oh I want to see pictures of that, but I'm sure you'll publish them! Take care, hugs xxx

  8. Just got home from our trip to the UK and then to Amarillo, TX. How those two ran together is a story in itself. Purpose of this comment though is to say I'm glad you are there, safe and now connected. I expect wonderful photos.

  9. Hey, Joools.

    I gotta say, that other place is just dead as a doornail, huh?

    There's virtually nothing left.

    What a shame.


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