Tuesday, June 10, 2008

From the wilds of Canada...

We are getting closer...today we leave British Columbia and enter the Yukon Territories. Woot.

It's still three more nights on the road before the last push into Anchorage.

We have had adventures with high winds and the canoe -- always fun to think your canoe is going to be ripped from the roof of your SUV and crash into the windshield of the car behind you. Which is something I bet doesn't happen every day on the SoCal freeway system...(The canoe is still firmly attached to the roof of the Suburban, thank goodness.)

We saw a black bear along the road yesterday, some deer, a couple feral Canadians. Tess saw a moose, but the rest of us missed it.

Must go, we have 300-some miles to travel today.

Thanks for all the messages!


  1. Continued safe travels!!

  2. Thanks for the update... and the feral Canadians comment made me laugh ('cause I know a couple of those! :))

    Please continue to travel safely!

  3. Feral Canadians ... are they related to Will?

  4. The feral Canadians are easy to control. Just hand 'em a beer, eh?

  5. By the time you get there, I'll be gone!
    I'm leaving for France on Friday night for our holliday in the Provence! I have posts planned for every day while I'm gone, so ...
    I wish you a safe trip and hope to see and read you again when I get back! See you, take care!

  6. Very exciting, good luck with the rest of the journey!

  7. Yay for feral Canadians..

    I am missing you..sheesh

    cheers kim


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