Friday, April 27, 2007


It's getting hot again. 90's. And since the Suburban is a decade old, and huge, the air conditioning doesn't work. Okay, it works, but once the inside of the burb gets hot, the a/c can't cool off that much hot air. So my left arm is always tanner than my right, the classic salesman's tan...Having the windows down means that hot air blows around the interior of the burb. Woot.
All you would have to do is tune the radio to a 70's station and it could be hell for those with a really weak imagination.

The Suburban is really showing it's age, as well. The leather on the seats is cracking and stained. The windows are always streaked with dog slobber, since Mojo drools continuously while riding, and sits with his head resting on the edge of the window (his head -- so huge -- must weigh a ton, because he is always resting his chin on something -- the window sill, my leg, the crossbar of the dining room chairs). The rubber bumpers in the cup holders has suddenly given up, so that the cup bangs back and forth instead of sitting still, and the cups bounce and splash whatever liquid you are drinking all over the front console and the basket of stuff under it.

But the dogs love it. When I open the door to let the dogs get in, Mojo is always standing there patiently waiting, and Abe is circling and looking for something to go chasing after. But I open the back door, and as Mojo starts his laborious climb into the back seat, Abe vaults over him, darts across the back seat and sits down -- Abe is part spring and part caffeine. Then Mojo climbs in, one leg at a time, with his hind legs scrabbling to find the running board, then the door frame, then the seat. His bad hip has really made his hind legs and hips far weaker than his shoulders, so getting into and out of the Suburban is really tough for him. And of course his terrible sense of balance means that I almost always fling him sideways when taking's really amazing that he likes riding in the truck at all. But of course since Mojo worships me he is happy to be anywhere I am -- he contorts himself to fit under the kitchen table.

This heat is just a hint of things to come -- it was still pleasant standing outside (in the shade at least) another month it will be miserable outside no matter what. Yay.

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