Friday, April 21, 2006

Life in general and randomly

Mom and Dad came for a visit. We were running like crazy, I don't know why. My life is chaos, I guess. Even though we try to keep activities to a reasonable limit, and eat supper together almost every night, we still are going a hundred miles an hour with our hair on fire. Mark went to Panama this week (that's why he is in Airline Hell currently), Zach got his driver's permit, Dad had a birthday, Easter, and on and on and on. Mom and I got Dad some Benny Hill DVD's for his birthday. He was quite surprised...

Mom and I did manage to make a flannel quilt for Tess (I need to finish the machine quilting...) and a bedspread for my bed, the fabric for which is well-aged, having been laying around my bedroom for months. I am working on some blocks, bright bright colors, I just cut some fabric into six inch squares and started messing around with them. I think I know what I am going to do, but not 100% certain yet. Gotta finish more of them and play before I decide for sure.

I saw the doctor on Tuesday -- I am in remission, and get to FINALLY get off the prednisone in two weeks!!! 5 mg every other day for two weeks and then I am done. No more beach ball head for me! YAY!


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