Friday, April 21, 2006

I'm ba-ack...

Wow. It's been awhile. So long I forgot my user name and had to get to remind me...

It's starting to get hot in Tucson again. To the point that you don't want to get into a car cause it feels like it's a hundred fifty thousand degrees inside. The worst part is the heat that radiates off the ceiling and burns up the top of your head and your eyebrows. I mean, you can feel the heat pulsing off the roof of the car when you are INSIDE the car. That's when the Suburban is a little better, because it has an inch or two more head room than the Cirrus.

The children have been insane and very pestery lately -- Zach wants to drive all the time, and Zach and Tess want us to go look for puppies now. And get the first really cute one we see, even though it's a male german sheperd and we want a female boxer/mastiff/muscle dog type. Also they have been playing XBox 360 continuously since Tuesday, even in the mornings, forcing me to drive Thor to the bus stop once, and to school once.

Mark is somewhere between here and Miami. His plane's engine was "broken" so he had to find another flight. He was supposed to be home at around 7 tonight, but he thinks he may not get home today at all, now. Airlines suck too. Microsoft sucks, hotmail sucks, certain politicians suck alot, and flying sucks, too. I think if you listen hard enough, you can hear a great wooshing sound in the US, and it is the sheer suckiness of certain segments of America. Walmart alone sucks enough to change gravity...Whoa. Were did that little rant come from?

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