Tuesday, September 28, 2004

moving blues

It has been rainy and gray for a week or so, actually I think since the day they loaded our stuff into the crates. This is making me really look forward to Tucson and that weather -- sunshine and more sunshine, and then, hey, maybe some more sunshine! It will be a great opportunity to set all the furniture out in the sun and get that lovely European musty smell baked out of them.
Oops!Must go -- will finish later!


  1. Anonymous11:10 PM

    Wahoo, Julala! So glad you are back. If we could synchronize our insomnia, it would be a good thing for us then! Because it used to work for Mom and me, too, to call when we couldn't sleep and you weren't supposed to be in bed!
    I had no idea Tucson was 800,000. Guess there will be a few places to shop there!
    By the way, I have a little something for you to add to your latest collection. I picked it up in Guatemala, and then put it away, only to discover it yesterday. That kind of stuff keeps happening to me.
    More later!
    Your favorite


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