Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Hold baggage.

A bunch of stuff left today. It said there was a much nicer family down the block and was going to live with them from now on. Or a couple of Dutch guys came and put it in boxes and then in a smallish crate and drove off with it. Same guys who unloaded our stuff three years ago, actually. One of them went to school with the lady next door. The Netherlands really is a small country.

Dishes. Pillows and bedding. TV and computer. X-Box and 31 game discs. Legos. Toys. Golf clubs and roller blades. Tools, tape, flashlight. Folding camp chairs. Stuff.

I hate moving. I especially hate the last month of a move. I walk around feeling slightly nauseated and for some reason slightly hunched over. This last part could be imagination on my part, but still. I will also now be clutching a small bright red book so that I can write down those random thoughts of stuff I still gotta do. Probably not a pretty sight.

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