Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Maybe this is why I love London...

Prozac Discovered In Britain's Drinking Water Supply
August 08, 2004
British authorities have found trace amounts of the anti-depressant Prozac in the country's drinking water supply, according to a report in the Observer Sunday newspaper.
The observer reports that environmentalists are "deeply alarmed", that the anti-depressant is being used in such large quantities that it is finding its way into the water supply.

The actual amount of Prozac in Britain's water supply remains unknown at this time. However, the Observer reports that The government's Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) indicated the small amounts found are so 'watered down' that they are unlikely to pose a health risk.
However, an Environment Agency's report concluded Prozac could be potentially toxic in the water table, the Observer reported.
Some experts feel Prozac can have a negative impact on human reproduction.

from http://www.healthtalk.ca/water_supply_08082004_9220.php


  1. Anonymous8:27 AM

    That curiously light-hearted feeling had nothing to do with leaving children and husbands behind, and doing exactly what we wanted for four days? It was strictly chemical? Let's go back and test it again! M.

  2. Anytime. I think we need to do more research. Or perhaps we should try the water in the Carribean or Australia...or maybe somewhere cold, since as of October 1, I won't get to wear all my favorite sweaters and sweatshirts very much...


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