Thursday, June 17, 2004

Talking to Europeans about politics.

This past week I went to my international book club meeting, where we were discussing Hillary Clinton's book. It was very interesting, as there were a couple of Germans, an Italian, a Canadian and a couple of Americans there. (There are twenty some members of this book group, but hardly any of them wanted to read this book, and I was the only American who read it.) The Germans pointed out that in Germany, they believe Gorbechov was the one who caused the collapse of the Soviet Union, and that Reagan was incidental to the whole thing, which is quite different from the conservative American view. Talking to Europeans about America, Americans and American politics is very interesting. It tends to remind me how egocentric Americans can be...I sometimes find Americans who think that the USA is the center of the universe.
Also, Germans learn that North and South America are one continent -- America. Which can be fun, because you can torture some Canadians with the idea that they are Americans, the same way Germans are Europeans. Really drives that certain segment of the Canadian population here crazy...
Now, as it is getting really really late, I am going to bed.

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