Thursday, June 17, 2004

New blog.

Wow. I got it to work, and here I am with absolutely nothing to say. This is fairly intidating. But let's start with what I did today...
I went to a giant antiques warehouse in Belgium. I saw another gorgeous arts and crafts hutch, in better shape than the one I bought there a few months ago, and I didn't buy it. I did buy an arts and crafts style sideboard, and a thread cabinet and a really crap cheap little cabinet that Zeke has already hauled off to his room, but because I already own three hutches, and have possession of one I bought for my sister, I was very virtuous and didn't buy the one I fell in love with today. Damn it. Now that it's almost one am, I realize I made a huge mistake and should have bought it. The fact that there are three hutches, a table and chairs, a side table, a bookcase and a large Flemish cabinet in my dining room already is beside the point. I really don't know where I am going to put the sideboard I bought today...very soon we will not be able to walk through our house. Good thing we are moving soon. We think.

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