Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Things I have done lately.

Listened to my son bitch and moan about the weather in Minnesota. This is a kid who considers winter in the Puget Sound to be just fine, but snow in April makes him despondent. It may of course have something to do with being in the final spasms (I was gonna use a different word there, but couldn't figure out how to spell it...) of senior year at the UofM.

 Been seriously proud of my kids. Zach is staying put at the UofM (yay! not moving to Boston or DC!) to pursue a Masters in Maternal and Infant Public Health with an emphasis on epidemiology (ha. spelled that one right). Thor is heading off to Winona in the fall to start on a degree in Computer Science with an emphasis on human computer interfacing. And Tess is still a 4.0 drumming engineer.

 And if I am wrong about any of the details there, I am sure my kids will correct me toot-suite.

 Done a little moaning of my own about the weather. Northern Illinois is seriously grey and boring this spring. We are having a thunderstorm (actually more like a thunder minor event, since no lightning and thunder that actually rattles the house but is not loud at all) right now, but mostly it's been just grey. boo.

 Cleaned out my office area. I need a better name than that for it. Cleaned out Command Central. That's more like it. Off of the dining room is a little nook with a built in desk with a granite top. It's not a computer desk. The only indication that the person who built this desk even knows computers exist is that he drilled a hole in the granite top for the cords. There is no room in either cupboard for a printer or a CPU. Also, resting one's arms on a granite desktop in the winter is just freaking asking for hypothermia and frostbite. yikes.

 Repainted Command Central. It was a sage green that just did not work with the other colors in the living/dining/kitchen. Now it's peacock feather blue. Much more better.

 Dealt with the tremendous pile of stuff that came out of the closet in Command Central. We got a filing cabinet. Black, so of course it's gonna get spray painted or covered with fabric or something because it's boring. I still have the box of paperwork that was my "filing cabinet" to sort out, and the Mexican Cabinet is still right in the way of everything in the dining room because I don't know what to do with it, but my Closet Central is now beee-u-t-ful.

 Become really annoyed with car manufacturers and the car buying public. Really, damn. All cars are exactly the same. Neutral colors - and when it comes to cars, red has become a neutral. It's a safe choice. Identical designs. All sedans are now wedge shaped. All SUVs and mini vans are rounded off and streamlined and boring.  No whimsy. No playfulness. No imagination.

Fallen in love with my Alien. Kia's name for the green paint color is Alien, so my Kia Soul has become the Alien to us. I guess I really like naming things. I love my Alien because it is whimsical and different and fun. I don't take cars seriously and I heart having a car that doesn't take itself seriously. While still being an awesome car.

Final THROES. That's the word I was looking for. Zach is in the final THROES of undergrad.

Gotten a virus. It's a hideous virus, that gives you a sore throat and completely messes with all the plumbing in your head. My inner ears are itchy and annoyed and semi-plugged and my sinuses are just mean.

I have to go put the sheets in the dryer so Mark and I aren't reduced to digging out sleeping bags for bed tonight. I hate making beds, especially since we got the world's tallest queen mattress. Forcing the last corner onto the mattress requires a backhoe and an act of Congress.

And we all know how hard it is to get Congress to do anything these days.

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