Monday, February 07, 2011


I saw a surgeon last week or two weeks ago or something...I lose track of weeks and days and things that are important to ordinary mortals. Anyway.

I think this is going to be a divergent and tangential post again, because why suppress what I am best at?

The surgeon tells me that the endless and really boring test where they shoot radioactive stuff into my arm and then breathlessly watch my gall bladder --

can I just insert here that I am disappointed that I have no powers yet, even though I have had THREE radioactive tests in as many years? Although, hey, since one of those tests involved eating a radioactive egg sandwich I think I dodged a bullet there. There is no superpower I wish to inherit from a chicken. Although super-scratching-in-the-dirt power could be handy when gardening...The whole laying an egg thing, no thanks.

right. Back to the gall bladder works normally according to this test.

At this point I am thinking, "shit. Don't get to have gall bladder removed. Shit."

Please understand that I do not want surgery, I am not a huge fan of being in hospitals, really not a fan of those gowns. Pretty much hate those gowns.

However, having Crohn's disease means gut pain and nausea and stuff. Plus my parents and grandparents all had gall bladders removed, I have classic symptoms of gall bladder trouble, and so lately I have had lots of trouble with nausea and if the gall bladder is gone, at least the docs will know that it's truly the Crohn's causing trouble.

So back to "shit."

Then he said that the ultrasound showed sludge and stones, so that combined with my symptoms is enough to yank the sucker. But between this huge project I am involved in and my parents' 60th wedding anniversary, which means a trip to Minnesota for Mark and I at the end of the month, means that in March it's adiĆ³s gall bladder.

Changing topics slightly...

Today I threw a pile of ribs in the oven at 275 for like three or four hours and then dumped some bbq sauce on them. Then to make sure there is nothing at all healthy about this, I shredded the meat and we had it over french fries. This is something that a rib place in the Netherlands did. Only they added mayo. Apparently there is an RDA for mayo in the Netherlands...anyway. We baked the fries, so it's not as terrible for you, and it's yummy.

Plus it's Superbowl Sunday. And like Christmas and Thanksgiving, it's one of those days where food has no calories, no fat content, no inherent bad, right?

Excellent game, too! Actually a real game, not a ridiculous blow out.


  1. Hello, you. Sorry about that whole Crohn's thing - I understand that that's no party. And gall bladder? Ouch.

    And the trip to Minnesota? Or, as we call it around here, Flat Alaska? That's almost close enough to visit together. My sister-in-law and her husband live near Minneapolis, so we make that trip once in a while. Usually during the month of Spring and/or Summer.

  2. Sorry about the Crohn's. Hope removing the gallbladder helps. My husband had his removed and felt so better after.

  3. Lou, we are hoping to move to the Twin Cities this summer, depends on where Mark can get a job. Our son visited Chicago and loved it, and so now is thinking med school there would be awesome. I am just a Midwest girl at heart, I guess, and passed that on to at least one of my kids.

    Thanks for the sympathy, and I am very hopeful that having my gall bladder out resolves a healthy chunk of my on-going gut issues.

  4. I'm here for you sweetie! Just call when you want to talk.

    I really hoped you would move back to Tucson, but Minnesota is at least easier to visit then Alaska!


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