Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Worm holes and black dogs...

Secret Mom and Lou think they have worm holes, too, and Lou wonders where his socks end up. I am suddenly relieved that I only have a small kitchen-to-Suburban wormhole. I would hate to endlessly find someone else's socks on my kitchen counter...

Mojo dented the wall today. With his head. Not to worry, though, Moj has a head of steel and thus bounced off it without noticing. Very unfortunately the wall doesn't bounce back so well...

Today was a class -- FRG Fundraising and Finances -- then off to the hospital for lab work, then a quick lunch, to another meeting, then home --but wait! A phone call (curses. Finding my cell phone bites me in the keister.) before I even get home summons me to another meeting...When I finally actually do get home, the dogs have once again ripped into the kitchen trash.

And I have no tequila.


  1. Anonymous7:20 AM

    I've really been needing to unwind with a glass or five of pinot noir...but I'm taking a new medication and can't drink. :(


  2. I do believe that tomorrow night (Friday, because I'm a day late and this is Thursday) I am going to have to make friends with a bottle of really good rum - sipping rum, not that Bacardi or Captain Morgan crap - because this has been the week from ... whatever it is that's right next door to Hades. I'm just sayin'.


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