Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The view from our front door. And yes, those are the woods where the bear killed the moose this summer, the day we arrived on Fort Richardson.

Termination Dust. That's apparently what they call the first snows of the season on the mountain tops. And it's here. I took this photo a couple days ago. Pretty soon we will be able to put studded tires on the vehicles (snow tires with metal studs in them to improve traction. They are not legal in most of the country. They are really hard on the roads -- many of the streets and highways around here have grooves in the pavement from the studded tires. )

I guess we can start expecting snow pretty soon. The temperatures range from the high 40's down to the mid to high 30's. Quite the change from Tucson...


  1. Termination Dust. That sounds so ominous or forboding. It is a beautiful pictures though. I love the shots you are getting. Try to say warm this winter. Sounds like it will be there for you guys soon. I'll think of you when I'm whining about the "cold" 35o we have here sometime in January. :)

  2. Way different from Tucson. Brrr.

    Also, the political truth meter thingy rocks. Why must politics involve all the lies and head games - I mean, I get that it's to win, but sheesh!

  3. Ugh... snow. I moved south for a reason, and even though it wasn't very far south, (compared to where I lived before) it was far enough that I don't have to deal with it.

    Stay warm... drink lots of hot tea and cocoa!

  4. Snow, already? Horrible, it must be quite hard to get used to, compared to Arizona?
    I loved the moose in the previous post!


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