Saturday, September 29, 2007

I loathe computers.

They are the work of Satan...

I used the computer one night, printed out some photos, used the internets, no problems.

(Well, other than the usual ridiculously slow and memory-impaired problems.)

The next morning I turned it on, and it would not connect to the internet, it would not connect to the printer, the calculator and spider solitaire are gone. Poof.

I got the internet working by unplugging the modem and the wireless router and plugging them back in...I wish I had not discovered that little helpful hint after a couple hours of struggling with the wireless router -- I unhooked stuff and hooked it up differently, I was on the phone with an automated troubleshooter, I unhooked the connections that I knew worked and connected different cables to make sure it was not the cable...and then I unplugged each of them and plugged them back in and they worked.

Then Marilyn suggested I google "print spooler not running" and see what I got. So I did, and the very first forum I clicked on told me exactly what to do:

Control panel to Admin tools to services and then I discovered that a whole bunch of things were disabled. No, I have no idea why those things were disabled. I put them all back to automatic, restarted the computer, and the print spooler was running again. And we can use the printer again. I think.

But spider solitaire and the calculator are just gone. Poof. Stupid stupid computers.

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