Sunday, July 15, 2007

Movies for $100 Alec

What have I been watching lately...

Pan's Labyrinth -- great movie, although there were a few moments of truly sadistic violence that I could totally have done without...[It was also in Spanish with subtitles (my preferred choice, since it always seems like they sacrifice something in trying to get the words in English to match the lips...especially in anime it results in weirdly phrased or spaced words and sentences.]
The costumes and the CG in Pan were very good, so good in fact that I forgot to notice them -- which rarely happens (I usually find myself trying to figure out what's real, what's CG, what's costuming...).

Ballykissangel -- The BBC Ireland show about an English priest who ends up in a little village in Ireland. I haven't seen it for a couple years, and am gradually Netflixing my way through the series and enjoying it all over again. Good writing, good drama, good humour.

Babycakes -- I hate to even mention this one, because it is a remake of a German film, and stars Ricki Lake as the fat girl in love with the gorgeous subway brakeman (played by Craig Schaeffer {spelled completely wrong I am sure...}. It's schlocky, terribly dated -- the 80's had it's share of fashion diasters. But something about it is just fun and romantic and I dunno. It could stem completely from living in Germany and missing American culture. It's not a favorite, at all, but it's one of those fun, mindless, chick-flick movies that are great on a rainy or cold day.

Doctor Who -- The new version on SciFi channel. Entertaining if not DVD-purchase worthy...

Hell's Kitchen -- I do not know what it is about this reality show, but it's the one show I hate to miss. It's just so fun to watch the competitor's flame out, you know?

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